Today, we worked on finishing all the task cards and trivia questions. For next week, we decided that Nic will make the game board and the box, Jackie will make the game pieces and print out the rules with pictures, Katie will make all the cards, and Keith will make the website.

Today, another group playtested our game. They seemed to enjoy it, but also thought it was boring. We decided we needed to fix some things about the game. We made it so you only needed 5 points instead of 20 to start digging. We also made it just 2 points that you lose if you pick the wrong treasure spot instead of 10. Our biggest change though was to have the trivia cards determine which player goes next.

Today, we decided to split up the work and do some individual work to get a lot accomplished today. Nicolai is playing around with the game board design, Catherine is making the design of the cards, Keith is coming up with tasks for the task cards, and Jackie is blogging. Our game board has eight locations located on College Ave. where the players must complete their tasks: Alexander Library, Brower Commons, Hurtado Health Center, Zimmerli Art Museum, College Ave. Gym, Student Center, Au Bon Pain, and The Grease Trucks. After we finish our individual work, we will all make up the rules together.

We did a lot today. We completely changed our game from a murder mystery game to a hidden treasure game set on Rutgers College Avenue named Scarlet Treasure. The game will be played with four players. To find the treasure, the players must complete tasks to accumulate points in order to be able to dig for the treasure. We figured out a way to balance chance with skill by adding trivia questions to our game. We began coming up with the trivia questions consisting of the categories: Food, Campus/Bus, History, and Sports. Players will have an option to answer a trivia question for more points if they complete the given task. Next week we plan on coming up with more rules for Scarlet Treasure.

Today, we played Clue in order to get an idea of how to structure our game. We discovered a large hole in our game plan. However, we came up with the design of our board game and the pieces. When class ended, we decided to come to class next week each with an idea of a concept of our game that would work.